The Amáte Growth Work Experience

  • There is a specific body of work to be experienced to achieve emotional maturity through Amáte Growth Work. All client experiences are individually structured to accomplish this body of work in the shortest time possible. This enables even those with pressing life commitments or limited time to devote to this healing process, the opportunity to accomplish emotional maturity.
  • For most local clients, following the Initial Interview, the typical healing and growth process begins with The Intensive, a two-day, four hour-a-day experience, followed by weekly 2 hour sessions for Three Months and three months of “as needed” Aftercare.
  • For local clients with situations requiring a more compressed experience or those who do not live near The Amáte Institute and International clients, the initial work may be done in daily sessions of 3-5 hours for 9 days to two weeks or 10 weekdays to be followed by continued work through phone calls, Skype sessions, emails, etc., until the body of work in Amáte Growth Work has been achieved.
  •  Clients frequently return to The Amáte Institute to participate in advanced emotional and spiritual growth and actualization experiences. They may also choose to involve themselves in relationship and family work with those who have also undergone Amáte Growth Work.
  • In addition to the ongoing work with clients, a vital activity of the Institute is the training and certification of individuals from many appropriate disciplines in Amáte Growth Work.

I. The Initial Interview

Amáte Growth Work begins with an extensive Initial Interview that takes place in person, over the phone, or through emails. There is no charge for this interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the potential client and facilitator agree that Amáte Growth Work is the appropriate method for this individual at this time.

During the interview Amáte Growth Work is fully explained. The potential client’s current status is evaluated. Information about addictions is reviewed if appropriate. Extenuating circumstances that might affect the process are discussed such as travel or medical considerations. The fee for the initial three-month process, including unlimited phone calls, email, and three months of Aftercare, is discussed.

If the potential client and facilitator agree that this method is appropriate, a date is set for the two day Intensive. A deposit of half of the fee is paid at this time to secure the dates for the Intensive unless other arrangements are made. The remainder of the fee is paid on the first day of the Intensive.

If for some reason the work is appropriate but the timing isn’t right, the prospective client is asked to contact the Institute when circumstances change.

Should the prospective client care to communicate with former Amáte Institute clients to gain a client perspective on the work, that can be arranged.

In preparation for the scheduled Intensive the client is asked to eliminate all mood altering substances prior to the Intensive (and for the first three months of the Amáte Growth Work process), wear comfortable clothing, eat well beforehand, and bring photos of the client, the family of origin, and the current family.

II. The Intensive

Amáte Growth Work officially begins with the two day, four hours each day, Intensive. The exact experience is unique to this method and provides an extremely powerful and effective start to the emotional maturation process. The activities of the two days may vary slightly to respect the individual process of each client, however the content of the two days is typically the following:

Day 1

  1. After the client arrives and settles in, there is a discussion of relevant issues in the client’s life that might affect the work of the Intensive.
  2. The client completes the Amáte Growth Work Client Information Form. This form begins with a page of basic biographical information. The client is then asked to create two lists. The first is of goals for the Growth Work. The second is a list of previously untaken, but relevant, emotional risks. (A periodic review of progress made in achieving the goals and taking the risks provides an excellent measure of how the client is doing while working toward the completion of the process.)
  3. The client describes the life history of the Mother, Father, and client, stressing significant early experiences that might have contributed to emotional stoppage. Photos, etc. may be shared at this time.
  4. Inner Work especially created for Amáte Growth Work is usually begun on Day 1 unless the time of sharing the histories, etc., does not permit it. Inner Work is designed to help the client locate and begin the healing and growth process of the emotionally stuck Inner Self.
  5. Day 1 ends with a review of the day’s events and a discussion of what Day 2 involves.

Day 2

  1. Settle in and review the events after day one. Discuss concerns that might have emerged overnight.
  2. Discuss the spiritual beliefs, etc. of the client.
  3. Continue the history of the client and family of origin if they were not completed during day one.
  4. Continue the Inner Work of healing emotional stoppages.
  5. Conclude the Intensive by preparing the client for the next phase of Amáte Growth Work.

III. First Three Months of Amáte Growth Work for Local Clients

  1. During the first month following the Intensive, regular weekly two-hour sessions at the Institute are held for local clients. However, if more frequent sessions are required, they will be scheduled.
  2. During the second and third months the client will be responsible for deciding when a session is appropriate and communicating the timeliness of the session to the facilitator.
  3. Sessions at the Institute will be supplemented throughout Amáte Growth Work by unlimited phone and email communications covered by the initial fee.

IV. Aftercare

When the client has completed the initial phases of Amáte Growth Work, the client is offered a once a month session (more if needed) at the Institute for three months. These sessions have been found to be especially helpful in reviewing and solidifying earlier work, and in sorting out challenges and opportunities concerning the future. Aftercare sessions are included in the fee for Amáte Growth Work.

In addition to the period of structured Aftercare visits the client is welcome to continue contact with the Institute when encountering significant life issues to review and strengthen tools of mature living, etc.

The goal of The Amáte Institute is to help as many individuals with emotional stoppage as possible to amend the stoppage and achieve their birthright, emotional maturity. To achieve this goal the Institute remains as flexible as possible in making Amáte Growth Work accessible to all who need it.