Amáte Readings

“The Seashell People: Growing Up in Adulthood” (1990)

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“Growing Up in Adulthood: The Journey to Emotional Maturity” (1992)

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Amáte Growth Work: Achieving Emotional Maturity in Adulthood” (2007)

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Doctoral Dissertation (2004). Amáte Growth Work: A Healing Process for Adult Emotional Immaturity. Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center: San Francisco.

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Martha Horton’s book offers keen insights into the causes of the emotional scars that people carry around inside themselves.”

Norman Cousins 1990

“At the moment of conception each one of us is dealt a genetic hand of cards that establishes the potential upper limits for achievement.

It is the way in which we develop our genetic potential and play our cards that determines the level of real achievement and the quality of our lives.

Martha Horton’s book helps us find the strength within ourselves to develop that hand and to play those cards in a way that will permit us to achieve our fullest potential.”

Dr. Norman Borlaug
1970 Nobel Prize Winner for
“The Green Revolution”