Martha Horton is one of the best individual therapists I know. She developed a powerful therapy technique that combines aspects of several therapy schools with electronic follow up. It is both classic and cutting edge, and has been extremely effective for the professionals I have referred to her.  
Marvin D. Seppala, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

I had no idea that I have been stuck emotionally.  I had a wife, two kids and a job…….. and I was miserable.  Dr. Horton’s program has transformed my life.  I now have tools to process my emotions and challenges.  Every area of my life has improved.  I owe it all to her.  I am forever grateful.

High Profile Businessman

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Martha S. Horton in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 15 years ago. I underwent therapy with her and my world changed. It wasn’t a smooth road, my path was complex and I was stubborn and would not follow what was good for me. Dr. Horton with infinite patience and love and the amazing and deep method she has created helped me be a complete different person, or more like, the person I’m supposed to be. My insight and connection with the Universe are one. While in therapy I had a dream that I was a ball in a pool game and that I didn’t know what my purpose in life was since the only one that knew it was the one with the cue. I just knew I had to hit the yellow ball and that was enough. Since therapy I have gone through many important moments in my life, I moved to another country alone, I got married, I have anxiety and depression and had Cancer. Sounds terrible right? Well, is not, that is called life. The important thing is what you do and how you love yourself and trust  the Universe while all this is being thrown at you. Having the skills to swim through murk, knowing that that is what you are supposed to do at the moment, and see all the love around and inside you while doing it is what it is to be a proud Amate member.  As for Dr. Horton, if you are willing to go on this hard and most fulfilling trip, she will go through it with you all the way, with all her heart and attention, holding your hand through life. I feel incredible lucky to have met her, thankful the Universe had a plan for us, and that I dove in those big blue eyes of hers and let her guide me to love. If you are thinking of taking her method I would tell you to be brave and go find yourself, you will probably find at the end that you’ve been doing it the hard way.

Mexican/Spanish Artist

Martha completely changed my life. I was lost, alone, and hated myself. After work with Martha, I was able to face my fears, remove my guilt, and find myself as a new person. I am now the happiest (and the healthiest) I have ever been! Martha is my angel!

Business Manager and Owner

“I first met Martha in Costa Rica back in 2001. I was about 16 years old, undecided of what I wanted to study after High School, and living in an emotionally unstable house. My parents were on the verge of a divorce and life seemed to be too much of a burden for me. Then, I met Martha. I felt we made a deep connection as soon as we met, and ever since I consider her to be the best spiritual guide I’ve ever had. She taught me how to use her inner work process and how to apply it into my life. Up until today I still implement it each time I need to. For me, Martha is like a spiritual mother. I will always be grateful for the time and dedication she has given me, in order to help me grow into the person I am today, and to always be thinking of me, even when we are miles apart. Martha is no ordinary psychologist that you pay and after the session there is no contact. She worries about her patients and is always available to listen to us, to guide us, and open her doors to us.”

Costa Rican Entrepreneur

“Decades of traditional therapy did not touch the surface in comparison to my work with Dr, Horton and the Amate method.  Childhood wounds and old ideas have lost the power they once had over me.   They (the wounds) directed much of my day to day activities, relationships and livelihood.  Life is so much more enjoyable as an adult.   I am grateful for Dr. Horton.”

Emotionally Sober Mom